2021 Tap Dance Festival UK Pricing

Welcome to TDFUK 2021 – 5th Year Anniversary Online Edition

Let us navigate you through our process for 2021!


Registration £30 – Every individual needs to register which gives you access to all of the community events taking place throughout the week.

All Weekend £150 (12 Classes/Workshops £12 per class)
One Day £80 (6 Classes/Workshops £13 per class)
Pack of 3 Technique Classes £40 (3 Classes £13 per class)
Pack of 6 Technique Classes £60 (6 Classes £10 per class)
Pack of 3 Choreography Workshops £60 (3 Workshops £20 per class)
Pack of 6 Choreography Workshops £90 (6 Workshops approx £15 per class)
Single Technique Class £15
Single Choreography Workshop £25

* Please note that each individual must purchase classes, even if you are planning to dance in the same studio or at home together.

Registration will give you access to our community events and gatherings. Registration provides you with automatic access to:

  • Panels
  • Discussions
  • Viewing Parties
  • Performances including the legendary Jam Session, this year to be hosted by London Tap Jam. These events will be taking place throughout the week and become the very heartbeat of the festival.

Registration is a one off fee and grants you further access to then build your festival schedule.

We will have Classes and Workshops spanning Beginner/Advanced Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Level.

Class / Workshop Options
Being online gives us more opportunity to experiment! Our offering this year will include:

  • Pre-Recorded Choreography Workshops including LIVE Zoom follow-up Workshops.
  • LIVE Zoom Technique Classes.
  • Private Classes & Workshops (available upon request).


Package Options.
For this year you have a few options after you have registered.

A) Follow a track (beginner, intermediate or advanced) and sign-up for a one day package or a full weekend package in that given track (as usual),

B) Buy a bundle of Choreography Workshops or Technique Classes and ‘Build Your Own’ programme. This option allows you to book classes across different levels.

For example, in a build your own programme you may include 6 Workshops over the entire weekend and might include:

  • 1 x Basic Technique Class.
  • 2 x Intermediate Technique Classes.
  • 2 x Intermediate Choreography Workshops.
  • 1 x Advanced Choreography Workshop.

Choreo Workshop V’s Technique Classes. What is the difference?

Technique classes will be LIVE via Zoom and run for approx 45 minutes and each member of Faculty will breakdown a certain step or concept and put this into context.


Choreo Workshops will be longer and split into 2-parts (45 mins + 45 mins). Part 1 will be a pre-recorded video that aims to break down the choreo step by step. Participants will have access to these videos right after the Festival Kick-Off event. They will then have one week to review the Choreo and learn at their leisure. Part 2 will be a LIVE Zoom session that follows up with the video and allows for more Workshopping, Corrections, Rehearsal plus Q&A.

  • A standard day at the Festival will consist of 3 Technique Classes & 3 Choreography Workshops, plus enrichment activities.
  • A standard weekend includes 6 Technique Classes & 6 Choreography Workshops plus enrichment activities.


  • Kick-Off Event – Friday 12th February 2021 – Evening
  • Saturday 20th February 2021 – 12pm to 9pm
  • Sunday 21st February 2021 – 12pm to 9pm


How Do I Book?

Everyone needs to purchase registration. We will email a password and link to everyone after you coplete your registration order. You will then be able to access the Technique Classes and Choreography Workshops to book.

We have aimed to create an event for everyone’s learning styles, schedules and budget! We hope you agree!

It’s Tappening,

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