How do I make a group booking?

Pop an order through the system for example with 10 x Full Weekend Access and in the Dancer name box, put GROUP BOOKING. Pay as normal and then liaise with the team at hello@tapdancefestival.uk to provide the required information for all the dancers.

If your group needs to pay separately via Paypal, they should put their own order through and mention you in the Comments box.

How much does the festival cost?

Head on over to our REGISTER PAGE and you’ll see all the different package options available to you.

How do I get to Pendleton Sixth Form College?

For satellite navigation purposes the postcode of Pendleton Sixth Form College is M6 7FR and the address is Salford City College, Pendleton Sixth Form College, Dronfield Road, Salford, Manchester.

See our location page for more information.

Will you have any first aiders on site?

Yes – We will have qualified First Aiders on site throughout the weekend, but please make sure all participants think ahead about their own personal health needs that weekend, and communicate anything necessary in advance.

All our participants are encouraged to inform our staff / faculty if they have a specific health need or concern that may result in the participant requiring specific accommodations to be made by faculty or staff that weekend. It is the participant / guardians duty to bring this to TDFUK’s attention prior to the Festival and on the day of attendance.

Are there lockers on site?

No – Please may I take this opportunity to state that TDFUK cannot and will not be responsible for participants personal items such as jewellery, watches, phones, keys, wallets or purses. Like in any public setting, participants must find a way to manage their own personal belongings. We encourage items such as mobile phones and wallets be taken into the studio and positioned in a close proximity to participants, so that participants can keep their eye on them at all times during the workshop. All other items such as bags and change of clothes should remain in the changing rooms. The changing rooms will be monitored throughout the course of the weekend by TDFUK volunteers.

Where do I register and collect my pass?

Festival passes and showcase tickets can be collected upon arrival. There will be a registration desk / box office that are easily identifiable to participants and guest upon arrival at Pendleton Sixth Form College.

Participants should plan to arrive at the registration desk at least 30 minutes prior to the start of their first workshop. Upon arrival at the registration desk participants should display a copy of their order number (you don’t have to print this, you can show us on your phone) and also be-able to display a copy of their photo ID pertaining to one of the names on the order form.

Participants will then be issued with a welcome pack including a wristband. The wristband will indicate each participants access to workshops and events. If you discover an issue with the information included in your welcome pack upon arrival, for example the type of wristband does not correlate to your purchase, please do not hesitate to bring this to a member of the staff’s attention as immediately at possible, and we will do our best to get things sorted for you.

Please note that wristbands should be worn at all times and entry to the workshops shall not be permitted without a valid wristband. Wristbands will not be re-issued, therefore we encourage festival participants to wear it, and display it proudly for the entire weekend 🙂

There may be some movement between classes as we get going with the festival, some people who have signed up for one level and then realizing that maybe they would be better suited in another level. Please understand that for health and safety purposes we CANNOT permit people to move freely and fluidly between workshops. If you do require a change in level, we encourage you to approach one of our Festival organizers either Suzanne Clandon or Elena Yenulevich, who will consider a request in a change of level either prior to the start of the festival, at the start of each day during registration period, or during lunchtime. Those are the only times when we will be-able to deal with such requests. Please be assured we will do our best to accommodate the request, and get everyone into the correct level ahead of time. Thank you for your understanding with this matter.

Registration will remain open throughout the duration of the weekend, and some workshop passes may still be-able to be purchased on the day of the event. Please note that we will be operating a cashless system on site. Therefore the main method of payment that we can accept on site will be Paypal.

Can I pay by instalments?

For 2019/2020 our preferred method of payment is via PayPal. Even if you don’t have a PayPal account you can still make payments via card.

Can anyone come to the Jam Session?

Yes! All participants and spectators will need to purchase a ticket to attend The Jam Session.

Buy your Jam Session Tickets now.

Is the festival open to all age groups?

Ages 7 and upwards are welcome to attend! We run a seperate Junior Track each year for 7 – 11 year olds (subject to attendees).

Our Teachers Studio will also be available again this year and that is specifically geared towards participants who wish to take the class at a more leisurely pace, ask more technical questions, and draw from Faculty’s wealth of knowledge and experience in teaching.

Am I able to purchase food and drink on site?

It is advisable to bring ample food and drink for the entire time at the event. No food will be served on site. There are limited options for food in the nearby vicinity of the venue.

We would encourage all food and drink be carefully thought out, planned and organized in advance of the festival. We will re-iterate that we are positioned in the middle of a residential area with very little access to food and drink merchants and vendors. We care for your well-being which is why we advise you to create and bring your very own lunch, tea and snacks and spend the time engaging with the panel discussions and Q&A as opposed to searching the neighborhood for food options. Please make sure you take care of your dietary requirements and have enough fuel and water planned to keep you going throughout the weekend.

If I have a Full Weekend Access pass, does this include all events?

No. Your weekend access gives you all your workshops and panel discussions, but does not include tickets for the Jam Session, Showcase or any other events.

Am I able to take more than one level?

It is advisable to stay with one level, to ensure the breadth of teachers. Content will be fairly similar but delivers at a different pace.

What level should I take?

Consult the key, but if in doubt contact festival administrator.

  • Whats My Level?

    We understand that all participants learn at different paces and are at their own personal phase and journey with their learning. We provide the below key as a guideline only.

    Faculty will teach in their own style and adapt the content and speed of delivery to the level and individual participants in the studio.

    Participants preferring more of a challenge should choose the Intermediate track, whilst those who dance daily, pick up choreo super quickly and love the challenge, should choose the Advanced track. Those who prefer a more leisurely pace may find the Beginner track more appropriate.

    The Adult Track is a combination of abilities and experience, but for those who just wish to attend Adult only classes. The majority of previous attendees have over 20 years experience at an advanced beginner/intermediate level. Adults are welcome at all levels Beginner to Advanced.


    Key to Levels


    7-11 years old


    1-5 years experience


    6-8 years experience


    8+ years experience


    18+ years old


    PLEASE NOTE: It is at the discretion of the organizer in consultation with the participant to switch the participants level after they have made their booking. We ask you to choose safely as we only have limited space in each studio, and switching / changing will only occur under exceptional circumstances.

I need to change my order

Please contact us as soon as possible and we’ll do our best to accommodate your request.

Need more information? Please Contact Us.