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6 Spaces Left!

6 Spaces Left

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  • Workshop tickets are subject to a £20 registration fee, which will be added at Checkout.

Workshops – All Weekend Access

An AMAZING opportunity to learn from, interact and engage with a diverse array of industry professionals from across the globe, who are currently performing at the top tier of their profession. Their impressive accolades and list of accomplishments speak for themselves. More importantly all Faculty joining us over the entire weekend are 100% invested in the growth and development of our TDFUK community. Their goal is encourage, inspire and enable participants gain access to the next level in their individual journeys. Some Faculty will be talent spotting for their own projects and looking to award deserving participants with scholarship to other festivals and events taking place throughout the year.

Note: All Weekend Access does not include tickets for any evening events such as the Friday Evening Student/Faculty Showcase.

Purchasing this option gives you access to our Beginner Track, which is aimed at dancers with 0-5 years experience. Please ensure the appropriate level is purchased. This may be changed upon consultation with Festival Management and permission granted in advance.

  • Whats My Level?

    We understand that all participants learn at different paces and are at their own personal phase and journey with their learning. We provide the below key as a guideline only.

    Faculty will teach in their own style and adapt the content and speed of delivery to the level and individual participants in the studio.

    Participants preferring more of a challenge should go towards the Intermediate Advanced tracks, whilst those who prefer a more leisurely pace may find the Beginner track more appropriate.

    Adults welcome at all levels Beginner to Advanced.


    Key to Levels


    7-11 years old


    1-5 years experience


    6-8 years experience


    8+ years experience


    18+ years old


    PLEASE NOTE: It is at the discretion of the organizer in consultation with the participant to switch the participants level after they have made their booking. We ask you to choose safely as we only have limited space in each studio, and switching / changing will only occur under exceptional circumstances.