Tap Dance Festival UK 2020 Faculty Shaun Taylor Shaun Taylor

Shaun is a teacher based in Norfolk (the little bump on the south east of England) and has been performing and teaching for several years now and is the resident teacher and choreographer for the University of East Anglia’s Tap Dance society.

Shaun is a qualified dance teacher with the International Dance Teachers Association and loves inspiring students who share the love of Tap dance. In 2018, Shaun won the prestigious Sir Ken Dodd award at the International Theatre Awards hosted by the IDTA. In 2020 Shaun has been selected to teach at Move It Dance convention in London, a convention that see’s over 10,000 participants each year.

After teaching an open class at TDFUK 2019, Shaun is excited to be on the Faculty to join together with those who share his passion for Tap dancing.

Tap Dance Festival UK 2020 Faculty Shaun Taylor

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