Vikas Arun with Tap Dance Festival UK 2018 Vikas Arun

Vikas is a dancer/choreographer from Seattle where he trained at Premiere Dance Center and the Alchemy Tap Project under Josh Scribner, Melissa Farrar, Carolyn Farrar, and others. At age 16 he was featured in Dance Magazine after winning Jared Grimes’ “Run The Night” alongside Josh Scribner. He then moved to New York to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering at Columbia University while cultivating his dance career.

Since moving to New York Vikas has established himself as a sought after contemporary and tap dancer. He has had the pleasure of assisting Anthony Morigerato, Jared Grimes, Ted Louis Levy, and many others. He has appeared on So You Think You Can Dance, worked on the Drury Lane Theatre’s production of 42nd Street, performed for esteemed Root Magazine guests such as John Legend, and danced in the upcoming film Breaking Brooklyn. He is a member of Chloe Arnold’s Apartment 33, Cat Cogliandro’s CATastrophe!NYC, and is proud to be the first South Asian ambassador for Capezio.

Additionally, Vikas travels the US and the world consistently to teach classes and set choreography. You can catch him traveling with Celebrity Dance Conventions, Portland Tap Alliance, and Motor City Tap Fest, among others. He has been noticed for his artistic and unusual choreography which has been called “refreshing” by Tessandra Chavez and “beautiful” by Jason Janas. He is honored to have a small role in training the next generation of dancers and constantly strives to bring his energy and passion into the classroom.

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Capezio: @capezio
Alchemy Tap Project: @alchemytapproject
Premiere Dance Center: @premiere_dance_center
Josh Scribner: @joshtscribner
Apartment 33: @apt33
CATastrophe!: @catastrophe_dance
So You Think You Can Dance: @danceonfox
Breaking Brooklyn: @breakingbrooklynthemovie
Columbia University: @columbia
Celebrity Dance Conventions: @dancecelebrity
Portland Tap Festival: @portlandtapalliance
Motor City Tap Fest: @motorcitytapfest

A few words from faculty, Vikas Arun to Inspire and Excite you for TDFUK 2018.

Read on to see what Vikas has to say…..


Vikas Arun with Tap Dance Festival UK 2018


What are you most looking forward to at TDFUK18?

I always look forward to the moment when you see the gears click in a student’s brain, the moment they realize they just grew and understood something they didn’t use to understand. That moment as a faculty member is irreplaceable and makes the whole trip worth it.


To you, what makes TDFUK different?

The diversity of opportunities that TDFUK offers is fabulous! From the chance to learn 42nd St choreography from dancers currently in the show, to the chance to see a New York based danced company live in the UK, and the chance for rising young teachers to teach a class, TDFUK offers something for everyone!


Do you have any upcoming projects which you’d like to share?

I’m always working on new things! My favorite upcoming project is a collaboration with a classical Indian dancer, Ramita Ravi. Ramita and I are good friends who met through So You Think You Can Dance and are now both cast members for Mystic India: The World Tour. We are shooting a collaboration between three tap dancers and three Bharatanatyam (classical Indian) dancers for an upcoming television show, and I can’t wait to share it with everyone!


Is there any advice you would give to anyone attending TDFUK18, or to any upcoming tappers/dancers?

I have three big pieces of advice: 1) Come in with an open mind. You will encounter teaching styles and ideas different from what you’re used to. Don’t shut them out. 2) Don’t be afraid to ask questions about class material, dance careers, anything! 3) Keep a positive attitude! The happier you are in the classroom, the more full you’ll have!


And finally, what can we expect from you at TDFUK? Why should we come to your workshop?

My classes are challenging and I expect a lot of my dancers but they’re high energy and we always have a great time! You will leave inspired, excited, and equipped with tools that you can work on for the upcoming year to make you a more proficient dancer. Most importantly, I do my best to make sure I see everyone in the classroom. Your voice is important, so come groove with me and lets have some fun!


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