TDFUK 2017
January 20, 2018

TDFUK 2017 opened my mind to a whole new world of tap! Earlier this year, I attended the festival with a group of my students from age 6 to 18, all of whom enjoyed and benefited from the experience (including the parents!).

I was extremely lucky to be offered a scholarship to the Dubrovnik Tap Festival in Croatia! What an amazing summer holiday I had! I am so grateful to TDFUK for the opportunities it gave me. To take classes with legends like Michelle Dorrance, Daniel Borak, and Jason Janas was absolutely incredible and showed me just how universal the language of tap is. Although tapping in a Croatian heatwave is very different to the temperatures in England!

What I loved most about TDFUK was the wealth of knowledge within the faculty. Not only did the classes teach choreography, but I particularly enjoyed the classes focussed on musicality, structure and improvisation. It was great for my students to also have classes in musical theatre/commercial too.

Last time I was only able to attend one day of the festival, but I have already registered for the full weekend in 2018! One of the highlights of last year was being able to tap with a live band at the tap jam – something which I can’t wait to do again!

Being a full-time dance teacher, it is sometimes difficult to stay inspired – but the experience I gained through TDFUK and DTF has enabled me to keep my lessons fresh and my students engaged. I cannot thank the faculty and organisers enough for everything that they do.

If you are attending the next festival – get stuck in! Get involved with as much as you can and enjoy yourself!

See you there!

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