TDFUK 2017
January 20, 2018

My company, MIME Solutions, is a silver sponsor for TDFUK 2018. So you could say the ultimate outcome for me was so good last year I approved my company to sponsor the event this year 🙂

I would like to see more streams this year to make sure that there is something for everyone (I know my beginner adult tapper would have been more at ease in an adult only class) – so fingers crossed for even more attendees, especially adults 🙂

The scholarship enabled my whole family to take part – we made new tap friends that I still network with – so you could say the festival helped me to broaden my tap network which supported the research I am conducting into tap dance teaching

My daughter LOVED it and it gave her a real boost seen in her progress this year

I am excited to be attending with more of my students, excited to be a sponsor and excited to get tapping and learning myself!!!

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