Faculty Announcement – Suzanne Clandon


We’re incredibly excited for our Executive Director, Suzanne Clandon to be returning in February! She is a a dancer, educator, and producer from Wigan. She lived in Dubai for several years, and currently resides in New York. She was the recipient of the UK Fullbright Award Scholarship, which allowed her to earn a Masters Degree in Management from The New School, NYC. She is an advocate of the Arts in Education, creating space for students from all backgrounds to follow their dreams and be immersed in the arts. She is a guest Syncopated Lady, and also trains and performs with Apartment 33. She has spent her summer guest lecturing at Harvard University, teaching at Parsons School of Design, performing at the Lincoln Centre alongside Chloe and Maud Arnold for Apartment 33, and so much more!


Suzanne Clandon joins faculty for Tap Dance Festival UK 2018!

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