Faculty Spotlight – Alyx Steele

We can’t wait for class with Alyx Steele as she returns to TDFUK Faculty for 2018.

Read on to see what Alyx has to say…..


Alyx Steele with Tap Dance Festival UK 2018


  How was your experience of the Tap Dance Festival 2017?

The energy was brilliant last year, it was great to be part of an event that is pushing boundaries and supporting the next generation in such a positive way.


To you, what makes TDFUK different?

I’ve never come across an event like TDFUK before. Tap training in the UK seems to be a hard to come by, to collaborate that with other styles like Commercial is excellent. Also the question and answer sessions provide so much more for the students than just class room training.


Is there any advice you would give to anyone attending TDFUK18, or to any upcoming tappers/dancers?

My advice to any young dancer is to be present, be focused, show up to events like TDFUK they are so beneficial. Be yourself always, seek happiness first, work hard and treat everyone with the same respect.


What are you most looking forward to at the Tap Dance Festival 2018?

I’m really looking forward to seeing all the talent of the next generation, this year as well as having the opportunity to speak to the students to answer any of their questions about the industry.


And finally, what can we expect from you at TDFUK? Why should we come to your workshop?

My classes are high energy and fun. I focus on performance, personality and dynamic movement. I always aim to create a super supportive but hard working atmosphere. You work hard for me, i work hard for you.


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