MIME Solutions – A SILVER Sponsor!

TDFUK is excited to announce that

MIME Solutions

will be joining TDFUK as a Silver Sponsor this year.


MIME Solutions joins TDFUK as a Silver Sponsor in 2018.


MIME Solutions is a UK-based global management consultancy, formed in November 2003 by Dr Trish Melton, the Managing Director. Their portfolio ranges from business change and project management services to team building, training and organisational review and support. MIME focuses on the effective solution of business challenges – whether a specific project or program of projects, an organisational program or interim business solution.

MD Trish Melton is a multi-talented individual who is also an avid Tap Dancer, Teacher and researcher. She teaches dance and music in the UK and also in Kerry, Ireland. She owns and runs Cantarina Music & Dance, set up to support access to dance and music education. She also teaches modern and tap dance at the Kerry School of Music and Performing Arts. Festival goers will be treated to a performance by Dr Trish and her students at the TDFUK Student / Faculty Showcase on Sunday 18th February.


Thank you MIME Solutions!

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