Faculty Spotlight – Maud Arnold

We can’t wait for the fabulous Maud Arnold to join us in February 2018. Here we put Maud in the Faculty Spotlight. Read on to see what she has to say about the UK, New Projects and Sharing the Joy…..


Maud Arnold with Tap Dance Festival 2018


 What are you most looking forward to at Tap Dance Festival UK 2018?

I look forward to coming to the UK, I LOVE the UK! Meeting new dancers, seeing old friends and celebrating tap dance!


To you, what makes TDFUK different?

I am not sure, I have never been before.


Do you have any upcoming projects which you’d like to share?

I have a new tap shoe out with BLOCH with my sister Chloe and we have the 10th Anniversary of our tap festival in DC coming up in March!


Is there any advice you would give to anyone attending TDFUK18, or to any upcoming tappers/dancers?

Come open to learn, make mistakes, make friends and grow!! It’s going to be a great time and it is about sharing knowledge and joy!


And finally, what can we expect from you at TDFUK? Why should we come to your workshop?

I am a lot of fun! You can expect to sweat and SMILE!

Chloe and Maud Tap Shoes from Bloch

Chloe and Maud Tap Shoes by Bloch

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