Tap Dance Residency with Dante Lara – August 2020


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We are offering a very special opportunity to Dance with Dynamic Dante!


After the overwhelmingly positive response we received from Dante’s classes last February, we have decided to bring him back for some more action and you are invited. Those of you that joined us in February will remember the dynamic energy Dante brought to his classes. He brought the sunshine and heat of Brazil to rainy Manchester. Who better to brighten up our lockdown experience than Dante all the way from Los Angeles, California.


When and Where?

All classes will be taught LIVE on Zoom! A video will be sent the day before each live class giving you an overview for the class, which you’ll then be able to re-watch after the class to practice.

  • 10th August – Monday Morning Video Drop 1
  • 11th August – Tuesday Evening Live Online Class 1 6-8pm BST
  • 12th August – Wednesday Morning Video Drop 2
  • 13th August – Thursday Evening Live Online Class 2 6-8pm BST
  • 17th August – Monday Morning Video Drop 3
  • 18th August – Tuesday Evening Live Online Class 3 6-8pm BST
  • 19th August – Wednesday Morning Video Drop 4
  • 20th August – Thursday Evening Live Online Class 4 6-8pm BST

A short online performance will take place after the last LIVE session on Thursday August 20th. To be discussed in more detail between Artist and Group.


So… What is a Residency?

A Residency is an opportunity to come together as a small group of Intermediate / Advanced Dancers and learn an original piece of choreography, specifically curated for TDFUK. The overall goal being to perform it as a group both as an online performance and LIVE at TDFUK 5th Anniversary Festival Showcase.

Residency spaces are limited to allow for a more intimate and intense group learning engagement. This residency will take quite a fast and steep learning curve, meaning that everyone will be expected to reach beyond their comfort zone and grow through the process.


Why do a Residency?

A Residency is a great way to develop your relationship with a Performer / Choreographer.
Great way to meet new Tap Dancers from all over the world and create new and shared experiences.
Residencies are great Resume / CV builders.
A Residency is a great way to challenge yourself both mentally and physically.
A Residency is a GREAT way to consolidate learning, often times feeling a GREAT sense of accomplishment.


Ok… What’s Involved?

8 hours of LIVE online rehearsals with Dante.
2 hours of LIVE in-person rehearsals with Dante at TDFUK 5th Annual Festival.
Supporting video material.
LIVE Q&A sessions with the choreographer.
LIVE performance at TDFUK 5th Annual Festival.
Online performance via TDFUK platform at the end of the Residency.


How do I get involved?

First of all PLEASE NOTE this Residency is currently open to Intermediate & Advanced Dancers ONLY! We are hoping to offer something similar for less experienced Tappers at a later stage, but right now, this expereince is for the more experienced Tap Dancer. If you are unsure if you qualify for the residency, just reach out to us at hello@tapdancefestival.uk and we will help you to consult with you to identify if this program will be suitable for you!


How much does it cost?

We are offering the first 12 sign-up’s a special discounted rate of 50GBP. Regular price is 60GBP. There are a very limited number of spaces available!!! Like we said, we intend this to be an intimate group so that everyone receives the time and attention that they need to learn, grow, feel a sense of accomplished and prepare to perform.



May I still participate even if I don’t regularly attend TDFUK?

YES, we LOVE to welcome new faces 🙂

Can I still do the Residency and opt out of the performance?

Yes. Although we encourage the performance there is no pressure to perform.

Can I share a booking with a friend or group of students?

No. Each person should register and pay individually and a register will be taken at the start of each session. One set of links is not suitable for a group or pair or group of students, even if they are sharing the same space / studio. The reason for this is because the choreographer will take time to watch and clean everyone and give each person feedback. Extra people requires extra time to do so. Which is why we are keeping it to a limited number of people. We are aiming for quality over quantity.

Any other questions we haven’t covered, please feel free to contact us. We like hearing from you 🙂

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